Information for Chairs/Presenters

Information for Moderators

  • Oral Session Moderators: Please arrive at the session room at least 15 minutes in advance, and make your presence known to the staff in the presentation room.
  • Please adhere strictly to the timetable for presentations.

Information for Oral Session Presenters

  • Please bring your computer and other media devices to the Speakers Desk, at least 60 minutes in advance of your presentation to check the output.
  • Please be seated on the speaker's standby seat in left-front of the session room during the presentation that immediately precedes yours.

Time Allocation for Speakers

20 minutes (15minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A)
*April 13 9:00-10:00 Scientific Session: Asian-EUS Guidelines: 15minuntes (10 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A)
*April 13 15:20-16:20 Scientific Session: Free Paper 1, 16:20-17:20 Scientific Session: Free Paper 2: 10minutes (7minutes presentation, 3 minutes Q&A)

The session times of the presentations will be listed in the program book.

Preparing Presentation Data

  • Please use the slide to make your presentation data.
  • The screen in all rooms are in 16:9 ratio.
  • During your presentation, you will be able to control your computer by using the monitor, keyboard and mouse on the podium, and laser pointer.
  • Please bring your own computer if you use Macintosh, or your presentation PowerPoint includes moving images. Please notify the operator if you use moving images or sound at your presentation.
  • Please do not use Presenter View in PowerPoint.
    Any printouts required for your presentation should be prepared beforehand.

Bringing your computer

  • If you are bringing your own computer, the cable connector used at the venue is a mini D-Sub 15 pin or HDMI. Please use a computer compatible with this connector. Be sure to bring an adaptor if required (Macintosh and HDMI output terminal).
  • Be sure to bring an AC adaptor for your computer in case the battery runs out during your presentation.
  • Remove screensavers and passwords and turn off energy-saving settings.
  • To prepare for the possibility that your computer may not be compatible with the projector at the venue, be sure to also bring a backup of your presentation data on a USB flash memory.

Bringing your USB flash memory

  • Computers available at the venue
    OS: Windows 7
    Applications: PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
  • To avoid display problems, please use only standard OS fonts, such as MS (MSP)- Gothic, MS (MSP) - Ming Type, Meiryo, Times New Roman, Century.
  • The projection screen for your session has Full HD resolution (1920 Ă— 1080 pixels) . Please adjust your settings for this format.
  • Moving images must be playable on Windows Media Player.
    • *Moving images must be playable with the default codecs of Windows Media Player.
    WMV (Windows Media Video) format (bit rate of 10Mbps or lower) is recommended.
  • To prevent the spread of computer viruses, please always scan your presentation files beforehand with updated anti-virus software.
    After saving your presentation file to the appropriate medium, do a trial run on another PC to make sure it works.
  • Any copies of your presentation data that the secretariat receives will be deleted after the congress.

Information for Poster Session Presenters

  • Please make sure to put your poster on your board marked by your poster number from 08:30-09:00 on April 12, 2019 in the Poster Session Room located on 3rd floor, and should be removed by 15:20 on April 13, 2019.
  • The size of one poster board is 90cm wide x 210cm high. A label of your poster number (90cm wide x 20cm high) will be put on the board in advance by the Secretariat Office.
  • Presenters should use pushpins to put up posters. Pushpins will be prepared by the Secretariat Office and provided in the poster area.
  • Please note that the set-up, removal and storage of posters are the presenters’ responsibility. Any posters remaining on the boards after each poster session time will be disposed of by the Secretariat.
  • Posters must be brought to the meeting by the presenter and should not be mailed in advance.